Request for Transfer of kilowatt-hour Meter
Disclaimer: The estimates below are based on a normal office day. These might be shortened or lengthened depending on a particular situation.

Note: Only the registered owner of connection can transfer KWh Meter and Only the lineman or any personnel designated by SOLECO is allowed to pull-out KWh Meter.
Step Procedure Estimates
1 Hire your choice Authorized Barangay Electrician (ABE). [Click here] N/A
2 Secure the following Essential Requirements:
  1. Application Form [Download here];
  2. Sketch Plan
    • Less than 10 outlets
    or Blue Print
    • More than 10 outlets
  3. ABEs Certification;
Comply the other requirements if necessary:
  1. If the service drop wire will traverse others property, secure Traverse Certification. [Download here]
3 After the ABE completed the needed installation for the possible transfer of meter, submit the requirements to CWA at SOLECO office for processing. 1 - 2 Hours
4 Pay the required fees to the cashier. 30 Minutes
5 After payment, return to the CWA for the final documentation. This time, the CWA will order the lineman assigned to pull-out the KWh meter concerned for testing and for the said transfer. 10 Minutes
Execution of the request after approval: Within 2 days