Replacement of Damaged Kwh Meter
Disclaimer: The estimates below are based on a normal office day. These might be shortened or lengthened depending on a particular situation.
Step Procedure Estimates
1 File Request for Replacement of Damage KWh Meter to CWA for assessment and verification. The CWA will notify the assigned lineman and the meter reader about the request. 1 Hour
2 The ISDD personnel and meter reader assigned in the area will investigate the cause of the damage and take note of the reading of the meter. 1 Week
3 The lineman assigned will install new KWh Meter while the investigation is ongoing. Within 24 hours
The meter inspector will check the meter for possible remedy. If the result is on the negative, then the meter will be retired. 2 days
After the investigation, if it was found out that the owner of the meter or another party was responsible for the damage, then the latter will indemnify the coop equivalent to the replaced meter. In the absence of evidence that will pinpoint the responsible party or damages caused by Force Majeure, SOLECO will shoulder the cost. N/A