KWh Meter Check-up
Disclaimer: The estimates below are based on a normal office day. These might be shortened or lengthened depending on a particular situation.
Step Procedure Estimates
1 File Request for KWh Meter Check-up to CWA for verification and assessment. 1 Hour
2 Pay the required fees to the cashier. 30 Minutes
3 Return to the CWA and present the O.R. for final documentation. This time, the lineman assigned will be notified to pull-out the concerned meter for check-up and install the temporary meter. Then, the meter technician will check the said meter's accuracy within 1 month. If said meter is not defective, it will be installed again replacing the temporary meter. But if the result is the opposite, the temporary meter will be designated as new the meter of the requester and the defective meter will then be retired. 10 Minutes
The request will be executed after approval. Within 24 hours