Request for Change of Name
Disclaimer: The estimates below are based on a normal office day. These might be shortened or lengthened depending on a particular situation.
Step Procedure Estimates
1 Attend Pre-Membership Orientation Seminar (PMOS). (Note: your seminar will be valid up until one years). See the Schedules [Click here] 3 hours
2 Secure the Following Requirements:
  1. Application Form [Download here];
  2. Photocopy of Marriage Contract if applicable
  3. Photocopy of any valid ID.
  4. If the building has additional or changes in the electrical installation, then submit sketch plan (for 1- 10 outlets) or blue print (for 11 or more outlets).
  5. And any of the following documents as it applies:
    1. If previous owner is deceased, then photocopy of the death certificate. If the certificate is not available, then used appropriate Waiver Form or Certification Form as it applies. [see Downloadable];
    2. If the applicant is a renter or tenant, secure Certificate of Solidary Liability, and Waiver Used if Old Owner Available Form. [see Downloadable]
    3. If the property is bought or a donation, then photocopy of the title, deed of sale/or donation.
    4. If the previous owner's address is unknown, then Certification by Punong Barangay that Old Owner No Longer Reside the House Form will do. [see Downloadable]
3 Submit the requirements to CWA at SOLECO office for processing. 1 - 2 Hours
4 Pay the required fees to the cashier. 30 Minutes
5 Present Official Receipt (O.R.) to the Membership Clerk for the issuance of SOLECO ID. 10 Minutes
Request will be finished - Within 24 Hours